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Regardless of the goal you set as well as the challenge you are facing, we always have an integrated Digital Marketing strategy to help you win over your customers and stay in your target market.

Social Media​​

To keep your social media growing, our digital marketing specialists promise to refine SEO, backlinks, and social media strategies in order to make sure you reach your goals.

Search engine optimization

Our goal is to help you driving traffic, generating leads, maximizing sales, increase brand awareness. We optimize for successes.

POS System

Change and add-on and modify POS System to meet the specific needs of your business.

Booking System

Manage your availability and prioritize your customers and staffs with resources management.

Web Design​

From personal websites to online stores, to company websites to custom web applications, we will help you build your website that appeal to your visitors and fit your needs.

Digital Marketing

The solutions for doing digital marketing are endless. But you don't have to know everything because we offer integrated services that cover many different industries.

Graphic Design​​

From Brand Identity, Prints, Digital Materials to personal requirements, we always bring new, creative and most suitable things to customers.

Visual Production

We provide photography and videography services for events, weddings, conferences, grand openings, parties and digital advertisement.

Strategy and Research

ICSolution Group provides the flexibility for all companies to provide a consistent brand experience across multiple marketing campaigns.

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Our Best Social Media product is the Essential Package. With this package, we will provide you with Social Media management and Marketing services. You will have more time to do other things yet still in control of what we are doing. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when doing Social Media Marketing is thinking they have to be present on as many platforms as possible.

This is not necessarily true because it is unlikely that your potential customers are already present on those platforms. So if you have to set up all accounts on all channels, it will cost you much time without getting any effective results.

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There is no denying that we live in the digital age. People spend 80% of their lives in front of a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We watch movies in digital form, get news from digital channels, and get advertised by digital marketing. You can’t spend two minutes online without seeing pop-up ads or banner image ads. This has led some to believe that “printed products are dead.” But these people are wrong.

Digital is great for browsing and sourcing information. But what do people do when they find something with value? They always print it out. And as for those pop-ups… they were annoying.